How To Take Care Of Long Hair? 7 Secrets Tips 2021

Taking care of long hair is not easy, but we make it easier for you to take care of your long hair quickly and easily. So let’s read How To Take Care of Long Hair?

Having long hair that looks beautiful and charming is certainly the dream of every woman. Not infrequently, many people are willing to do various ways to make long hair quickly. However, if not treated properly, long hair will be prone to various problems.

Some of them, such as hair loss, wrinkles easily, and branches and breaks easily. Keeping long hair beautiful can actually be done very easily. Find out the different ways to take care of long hair so that it always looks stunning and charming in this article.

How To Take Care Of Long Hair?

Here are the best 7 tips for taking care of long hair.

Take Care of Long Hair
Taking Care of Long Hair

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Trim Hair Periodically

Caring for long hair to keep it charming and beautiful, one of which can be done by making sure the ends of the hair are not split. Because, branched hair is often the initial source of hair problems. Not only does it make hair brittle, the appearance of branches will also make your hair look rough and unkempt.

To avoid the appearance of branches, it’s always a good idea to trim the ends of the hair about 1-2 cm regularly. If you have dyed hair, these simple tips also need to be done so that old damaged hair does not dull your long hair.

Do a Head Massage When Shampooing

Diligently washing your hair is an activity that must be done, especially for those of you who have long hair. To keep long hair beautiful, you are advised to do a light head massage while shampooing. By massaging the head while shampooing, the health of the scalp will be maintained naturally.

Not only that, you can also relax your body and avoid stress. Keep in mind, stress can also trigger the emergence of hair loss problems in your long hair. Do the massage process for about five minutes while applying shampoo, then rinse with warm water.

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Avoid Hairstyles That Are Too Tight

Having long hair is really fun because you can style it in various styles and models. In fact, only with the hair elastic, you have created a variety of interesting ponytail styles. However, to treat long hair to keep it beautiful, you should avoid hair ties that are too tight.

Tying your hair too tight can be the first cause of the appearance of damage, for example, the hair breaks easily, falls out, and looks dull. In addition, hair growth that is often tightly tied will also be disrupted because the circulation of nutrients to each hair strand is hampered. It is recommended to switch to using pins if you want to tie your hair, huh.

Use a T-shirt or Hair Wrap to Dry Your Hair

With the long hair you have, drying your hair after shampooing can be quite a hassle. However, it is better if you don’t dry your hair carelessly. Avoid the drying process with towels, especially those with a rough texture, as this can make hair prone to damage.

Not only does it make your hair break easily, the rubbing of a coarse towel can also injure your scalp and limit your freedom in styling your hair. Instead, you can dry your hair with a t-shirt or hair wrap made of soft materials such as cotton. The finer friction won’t damage the cuticles on your scalp, so your long hair won’t fall out easily and get dandruff.

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Use Heat Protectant Before Styling Long Hair

One of the advantages of having long hair is that it allows you to freely create various styles and hairstyles. Not infrequently, you need the help of styling tools such as hair dryers or irons to create certain styles. Styling your hair with the help of a hair styling tool is fine as long as it’s not too frequent.

Before styling your hair using styling tools, especially those that generate heat, it’s a good idea to first give your hair more protection. One way to do this can be done by spraying TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray.

Using this heat Protectant will protect your hair from the negative effects of heat generated by the styling tool and keep your hair smooth and dry.

Pay attention to scalp health

Another secret that you shouldn’t miss to keep long hair beautiful is to always keep your scalp healthy. This is because naturally long hair is easy to break and fall out. In fact, hair that continues to fall out will look thin and make your appearance less than optimal. Therefore, maintaining a healthy scalp is very important to reduce the risk of hair loss.

In this case, you can rely on the TRESemmé Scalp Care range of shampoos and conditioners. Enriched with tea tree oil , TRESemmé Scalp Care can provide two benefits at the same time, namely being able to prevent dandruff and hair loss. Not only that, the content of tea tree oil that is available can also nourish hair roots. As a result, your long hair will grow strong and always maintain its beauty.

Always Use Conditioner After Shampooing

Softness is one of the main aspects that can support your long hair to always look beautiful and stunning. To get smooth and soft hair, one of the main keys that must be considered is to maintain moisture. For that, you are advised to always use conditioner after shampooing.


The TRESemmé conditioner product range is designed to provide the benefits of eight precious oils, so that they can help you get long, beautiful hair that is even more charming. Not only makes your hair smoother, TRESemmé conditioner is also designed to treat various hair types, so you can choose according to your needs.


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