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bangla funny sms

In today’s world of technology, we are so preoccupied with our daily lives that we no longer have time for ourselves or our families. And in order to reach the top of the action competition at this present time, we understand nothing but work and work all day long. I’m not saying this is bad. We have to work hard to give ourselves and our loved ones a prosperous life.

But the problem is, in the midst of this massive workload, we never realize that we have forgotten the key mantra of our lives, “to be happy and happy in life.”

Bangla love SMS for girlfriend

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Bangla funny SMS ⍥

As a result, some people become victims of mental anguish and depression. So according to scientists, we have to keep ourselves busy for some time every day in some activities that will give us pleasure.

So I say to all my friends, take some time out of your work and give yourself some happy moments. You can entertain yourself in any way like taking part in a game or listening to music etc.

Through this post, I made a small attempt to gift you a little better time In this post I put up some of the best Bangla Funny SMS for you. These funny Bengali SMS will help me to make your time more beautiful.

Then friends, keep yourself happy and create a positive environment with your sense of humor.

bangla funny sms 2020

 Best Bengali Funny SMS 2020

Funny SMS 01.

What happened to your mobile? I was trying to call you but I got this message welcome to the jungle network, the monkey you’re trying to calls is on the tree plz try later.

Funny SMS 02.

Clouds are white but the sky is blue, monkey-like you ought to be kept within the zoo, don’t get angry you will find me there too, not in the cage but laughing at you. ha! ha! ha

Funny SMS 03

I am in hospital now. After 5 minutes, I will be able to be transferred to a surgery room. The doctor told me, I will be able to die if I stop Receiving your SMS.

Funny SMS 04.

If you fall in the river there is a boat. If you fall in well there’s a rope. But if you fall crazy there’s no hope

Funny SMS 05.

If you delete this msz that’s because you love me. .. If you save it that’s because you desire me .. & if you ignore it that’s because you miss me. So what you gonna do with It?

Funny SMS 06.

Beggar: – Sir .. pay 20 rupees .. I will have coffee.

Man: – Why ?? 10 rupees for a cup of coffee…

Beggar: – Sir, he has a girlfriend, so…

Man: – You became a beggar and made a girlfriend…

Beggar: Yes sir .. it was my girlfriend who made me a beggar.

Funny SMS 07

ভিক্ষুক:- স্যার.. ২০টা টাকা দেন.. কফি খাবো। 

লোক:- কেন ?? কফি তো ১০ টাকা কাপ… 

ভিক্ষুক:- স্যার, সাথে গার্লফ্রেন্ড আছে তো, তাই… 

লোক:- ভিক্ষুক হয়ে গার্লফ্রেন্ড ও বানিয়েছ… 

ভিক্ষুক:- জ্বী না স্যার.. গার্লফ্রেন্ডই বরং আমাকে ভিক্ষুক বানিয়েছে ।।

Funny SMS 08.

Jail officer: Jail khanar vitore jara ase tara sobay durdanto chalak,tome control korte parbe ta?

Chakuri parthi: parbona mane? Beshi tere bere korle gar dore jail theke ber kore dibo.

Funny SMS 09.

Nati: Nana, tomar boyos koto?

Nana: kuri bochor.

Nati: bolo ki? Matro kuri bochor?

Nana: er beshi je ami gunte pare na.

Funny SMS 10.

নাতি: নানা, তোমার বয়স কত?

নানা: কুড়ি বছর.

নাতি: বলো কি? মাত্র কুড়ি বছর?

নানা: এর বেশি যে আমি গুনতে পারে না.

Bangla Funny SMS Facebook

Bangla Funny SMS Facebook

Funny SMS 11.

Gonok: apone komse kom 100 bosor bachben,

Man: Jodi na bachi?

Gonok: ta hole ase amar dui gale dui ta chor marben.

Funny SMS 12.

গণক: আপনি কমসে কম ১০০ বসর বাচঁবেন,

ম্যান: যদি না বাঁচি?

গণক: তা হলে এসে আমার ২ গালে ২ তা চড় মারবেন.

Funny SMS 13.

Chakuridata: ai job ar jonno amar akjon responsible lok lagbe

Chakuriparthi: ami say lok jake apne khujsen.

Chakuridata: keno?

Chakuriparthi: ager chakurite kharap kisu boltei Boss bolto ami er jonno responsible.

Funny SMS 14.

Sota bon: vi, amma bolsen tume koyta mas doreso bolte?

Boro vi: ammake gia bol, porer masta dorte parle 1 ta hobe.

Funny SMS 15.

Teacher: What is a skeleton?

Student: Sir Skeleton is a person

who started dieting but forgot 2 stop it..!!!

Funny SMS 16.

Lovers sitting in a park,

the boy tries 2 kisses the girl…

The girl says No dear not all this before marriage…

Boy: Don’t worry darling I am already married

Funny SMS 17.

A boy goes to see a dance.

His mom angrily asks him:

Did u see anything there that

u were not supposed 2 see?

Boy: yes, I saw dad!

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Funny SMS 18.

A man sees a fat man

sitting in a train cabin.

Taunting, he asks:

Is this cabin 4 elephants only!

Fat man humbly replies:

No! Even monkeys like u can sit!

Funny SMS 19.

Teacher: What should be in a book 2 make it a bestseller?

Boy: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl.

Funny SMS 20.

An old lady teacher of English

ask this question in the class:

When I say “I am beautiful”, which tense is it?

One pupil answered: It’s the past tense of course.

Bangla Funny SMS Picture

Bangla Funny SMS Picture


Funny SMS 21.

Boy: May I hold ur hand??

Girl: No thanks, it isn’t heavy hahaha…

Funny SMS 22.

Q: What is the difference between a wife and a girlfriend?

A: About 45 pounds!!

Funny SMS 23.

Teacher says 2 students, In Algebra

A=B & B=C. It means A=C.

Now give a relevant example.

Student: Sir, I love u & U love ur daughter,

It means that I love ur daughter.

Funny SMS 24.

Man: Doctor! My Son has swallowed a key.

Doctor: When?

Man: 1 Month Ago

Doctor: What were u doing till now?

Man: We were using duplicate keys…

Funny SMS 25.

Tomar akti haath diya amay dhoro, R ekti haath amar pichone dao. Ebar tomar thot diye amay sporsho koro, bujhe nao ami kotota hot ! Because I’m A cup of coffee.

Funny SMS 26.

A girl has gone to repair her umbrella.

Maker: kapor khul te hobe r rod ta soja kore vetore dhokaite hobe.

Girl: ja khusi koro kintu pani vetore pora cholbe na.

Funny SMS 27.

Korba?? Please. Koro na! kew dekhbena! Amon korokenu! sudhu 1bar koro, khub moja lagbe, korona pls jaan..sobai to kore.. koro na! pls..pls..1ta SMS!…

Funny SMS 28.

Police: Public tore ato mair Dilo ken?

Doshi: Ki r Komu! Amar 1 ta PHOTO 1 mohilar payer niche porcilo. Ami tare koilam “Apa, Sarita ektu tulen, Ami Photo tulum!”

Funny SMS 29.

Do u believe in love at first sight? Or do I have 2 say the 3 sweet words later?

Funny SMS 30.

If u feel a little bored, little sick, little sad, Don’t be afraid, U know what’s wrong?

U r suffering from lack of Vitamin ‘ME’

Bangla Funny SMS Collection

Bangla Funny SMS Collection

 Funny SMS 31.

In the morning I don’t eat bcos I think of u, at noon I don’t eat bcos I think of u, in da evening I don’t eat bcos I think of u, at night I don’t sleep bcos I m hungry.

Funny SMS 32.

It must have been a rainy day when u were born, but it wasn’t really rain, the sky was crying bcos it lost her most beautiful angel.

Funny SMS 33.

Do U know the full form of COLLEGE? Come On, let’s Love Each Girl Equally. That’s why boys go to colleges regularly.

Funny SMS 34.

If ur world is spinning Round & Round. Ur heart is beating fast, do u think its LOVE? No friend noo, its called high B/P.

Funny SMS 35.

Last night I lay in my bed looking at the beautiful stars, the moon n the sky. Then I thought where the fucking roof?

Funny SMS 36.

I m a killer, I kill people for money, but you’re my friend so I’ll kill you for free! yeah, it’s totally free of coast.

Funny SMS 37.

First the friendship ring, 2nd the Love ring, 3rd the engagement ring, 4th the wedding ring, then the suffering.

Funny SMS 38.

At this moment 100 million people are sleeping, 2 million people are eating 3 million people are having sex.. & 1 stupid fool is reading my SMS

Funny SMS 39.

I want u 2 know that our friendship means a lot 2 me. U cry I cry. U laugh I laugh. U jump out of da window. I look down & den. I laugh again.

Funny SMS 40.

One day Raja n rani decided 2 send messages 2 each other by using Pigeon instead of mobile. The very next day pigeon reached raja without any message. He angry and called 2 rani. She told stupid “That was a miss call”

Bangla Funny SMS for Friend

Bangla Funny SMS for Friend

Funny SMS 41.

Dear user, ur wife can become a mother without ur struggle! Just SMS ‘CHILD’ or call customer care at 0088****** & be a tension-free DAD!

Funny SMS 42.

Smiling is the second best thing u can do by ur lips, Of course, u know the 1st…? Stop thinking weird… stupid its keeping ur mouth shut…

Funny SMS 43.

u r genius, ur mind is a masterpiece. It is divided into left and right. In the left part, nothing is right and in the right part, nothing is left.

Funny SMS 44.

Meaning of  WIFE & HUSBAND…













Funny SMS 45.

women’s are like internet virus 1st they enter ur life scan urs pockets transfer your money edit your mind download their problems delete your smile and hang your life from ss

Funny SMS 46.

Hey, can you do me a favor, take a pic of yourself and send me it, I’m playing cards and I’m missing the joker!!

Funny SMS 47.

~Girl: It’s 2 tight,

~Boy: Don’t worry,

~Girl: I am getting hart,

~Boy: I m doing slowly,

~Girl: It’s painful,

~Boy: ok, take another ring

Funny SMS 48.

When you feel lonely and alone & cannot see anyone around you, the world seems to be fading away, come along with me I’ll take you to an eye specialist!

Funny SMS 49.

~If I was an artist,

~you would be my picture!

~If I was a poet,

~you would be my inspiration!

~If I was an author you would be my story!

~But I’m only a cartoonist!

Funny SMS 50.

Boy: I am not rich like my friend “X”, I don’t even have a car like “X”.

But I really love you!

Girl: I love you too, but give me your friend “X” Phone number.

Bangla Funny Jokes Download

Bangla funny SMS jokes Download

 Funny SMS-51.

My Eyes: to looks at you,

Hands: to pray for you,

Mind: to care for you,

Heart: to love you and

Legs: to kick you if you forget me.

Funny SMS-52.

Do u know similarity between Dinosaurs n Decent Girls?

Both don’t exist.

Funny SMS-53.

I want you…

to be with me in a nice Restaurant

to have candlelight dinner…

and to say those sweet three words 2 you…

“Pay The Bill”

Funny SMS-54.

Intelligent Man + Intelligent Woman = Romance.

Intelligent Man + Stupid Woman = Pregnancy.

Stupid Man + Intelligent Woman = Affair.

Stupid Man + Stupid Woman = Marriage !

Funny SMS-55.

A mobile is like women:-

Talks non-stop,

Costs a fortune,

Disturbs when ur busy

N when U need them urgently, they have no service.

Funny SMS-56.

One day I read smoking is bad, I stopped smoking. one day I read drinking is bad, I stopped drinking. one day I read SEX is bad, I stopped reading

Funny SMS-57.

Not every flower can represent love but rose do it. Not every tree can live without water, but cactus do it. Not every monkey can read SMS but you do! Enjoy your day, and don’t forget 2 smiles!

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Funny SMS-58.

Do u know whats A B C D E F G?

A Boy Can Do Everything 4 Girl

Now reverse da order, can u guess the full form of G F E D C B A?

Girls Forget Everything Done & Catches (new) Boy Again.

Funny SMS-59.

“Miss me” or “Hate me”,

Both are in my favor.

If you miss me, I ‘m always in your heart.

If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.

Funny SMS-60.

Your aim in life should be 54321…

I mean…

5- Five-digit salary

4- Four wheeler vehicle

3- Three-room flat

2- 2 cute children


1- One sweetheart

Bangla Funny SMS 140 Character

Bangla Funny SMS 140 Character

 Funny SMS-61.

I decided 2 send you the cutest

and the sweetest gift of the world.

But the postman shouted at me saying,

Get out of the post box.

Funny SMS-62.

Life is cricket

Don’t lose your wicket

Try 2 get a century

Never forget your Boundry

Even if you’re run out

Never become mood out

because God Is 3rd umpire.

Funny SMS-63.


Today she was asking me ur details.

I gave her ur cell number.

she will be visiting u soon.

Her name is



I think she came just now!

Funny SMS-64.

Beautiful Pictures are Developed

from Negatives in a Dark Room.

So, if you see Darkness in your Life

be sure that God is making

a Beautiful Picture 4 you!

Funny SMS-65.

Do u know what’s the meaning of FAMILY?







Funny SMS-66.

Sending u 100,00,000 smiles,

Take 1 4 now * keep the

remaining 99,99,999 under ur pillow,

pick out 1 every morning bcoz

I want 2 you smiling always n always

Funny SMS-67.

So sweet is ur SMILE…..

So sweet is ur STYLE…..

So sweet is ur VOICE…..

So sweet is ur EYE…….

See how sweetly I LIE!!

Funny SMS-68.

U are a DONKEY

D for decent

O for outstanding

N for nice

K for kind

E for excellent

Y for youthful

Funny SMS-69.

Positive thinking is a bit like this: a little bird in the sky, u look up n it’s shit in ur eyes, u don’t mind, u don’t cry, u just thank god that cows don’t fly!

Funny SMS-70.

Just go 2 hell

yes u

u only!


only u can change

hell into heaven

by ur sweetness.!

Bangla Dustu SMS Free Download

Bangla Dustu sms

Funny SMS-71.

A person who surrenders when he’s WRONG, is HONEST.

A person who SURRENDERS when not SURE, is WISE…

A person who surrenders even if he’s RIGHT, is a HUSBAND.!

Funny SMS-72.

It is funny when people discuss over “love marriage” n “arranged marriage”

It is like asking a person if he would like 2 “hang himself” or “shoot himself”.

Funny SMS-73.

World’s Shortest Horror Story By “Martin Garner”

Contains Only The Following Lines…

“When The World’s Last Man

Was Alone In His Room,

The Door Was Knocked.”

Funny SMS-74.

Do u know, why 14 November is celebrated as children’s day? bcoz it cums just after 9 months of valentine’s day.

Funny SMS-75.

“I LOVE U.” Send this SMS 2 10 Girls & win free trip 2 ur nearest police station in luxury Jeep, Food, Accommodation &body massage free. *OFFER LIMITED*

Funny SMS-76.

India is empty without Taj-mahal, Sundarbon is empty without tiger, Man is empty without love, But Zoo is empty without u.

Funny SMS-77.

I am ur real friend. If u give me 1, I will return u 10. If u give me a pen I will return u train. If u give me ur girlfriend I will return here with some children.

Funny SMS-78.

Keep in contact with me & win exciting prizes. >3rd prize-lots of love. >2nd prize-life time Friendship. > 1st prize-free stay in my heart. Offer valid till I am alive……

Funny SMS-79.

A man went 4 blood tests. The nurse took his blood. But she didn’t find any cotton. So she sucks his finger. The man became happy and said would I have a Urine test next time?

Funny SMS-80.

I want 2 suck it… lick it… wanna move my tongue all over it… wanna feel it in my mouth…yep, it is my ice-cream & that’s how I…eat….. ice-cream!

Mon Valo Korar SMS Bangla

Mon Valo Korar SMS

 Funny SMS-81.

I need u…

I love u…

I can’t go anywhere

without u…

Oh, My Lovely…


Funny SMS-82.

Consequences of American life style: The wife rushed into the house screaming 2 her husband, Darling, Come quick! Ur kids n my kids r beating our kids.

Funny SMS-83.

Twinkle twinkle little star,

u should know what u r,

n once u know what u r,

The mental hospital is not so far.

Funny SMS-84.

If I ever go 4 a brain transplant I’d like 2 use ur brain. It’s not because u r a genius. I would only like a brain that has never been used.

Funny SMS-85.

Q: Why do men fart more often than women?

A: Because women do not keep their mouth shut long enough 2 builds up the pressure.

Funny SMS-86.

U R 100% beautiful,

U R 100% lovely,

U R 100% sweet,

U R 100% nice, n

U R 100% stupid 2 believe these words…

Funny SMS-87.

Newton’s law of Love:-

Love can neither be created nor be destroyed;

it can only be changed from

one girlfriend 2 another…

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Funny SMS-88.

Never hold ur farts in. They travel up ur spine, into ur brain n that’s where u get ur shitty ideas from!

Funny SMS-89.

In life, 5 things can come at any time…








Have a nice day!

Funny SMS-90


Easy 2 say – Difficult 2 stay…

Beautiful 2 feel – Difficult 2 deal…

The difficulty is a part of Life…

But that’s the reason…

Why Girlfriend is never a wife?

Bengali Funny SMS 140 Character

Funny SMS-91

Girl: Will u love me after marriage also?

Boy: This depends on ur husband if he allows me.

Funny SMS-92.

Q: What’s the difference between magnets n women

A: magnets have a positive side

Funny SMS-93.

I’m shocked 2 knows, I’m really upset.

I don’t know how 2 inform U.

Bt I’ve 2 let U know that you’ve symptoms of


(Adoring, Intelligent, Dear, Sweet) !!

Funny SMS-94.

Life is full of beautiful things:

soft sunsets,

painted rainbows

delicate blossoms

Luv & laughter

quiet moments &

fantastic people like me

Take care

Best Bangla Mojar SMS

Funny SMS-95.

Last night some Monkeys came running 2 my room. They wanted 2 trouble, good people… I suggested ur name. They said Oh!!! No, we can t disturb our Boss…

Funny SMS-96.

We’ve known….each other for….quite a while now, do u think we can b more…. than friends? coz I like u very much. Will, u b my partner 2… rob a bank?

Funny SMS-97.

Ur validity of being my friend is going 2 b expired today, plz recharge ur friendship immodestly by delivering 4-5 sweet & cool msgs. So hurry

Funny SMS-98.



Intelligent, Spontaneous,

Good Looking,

Nice Friends, Charming,

Funny, well… Enough about ME! How about you?

Funny SMS-99.

Who’s hot… Its U,


Charming… Its U,


Sweetest. Its U,


Intelligent… Its U,

Who’s dear & near friend… Its U

Who’s a liar. It’s me!

Funny SMS-100.


Is Loving you

Caring for you

Watching over you

Protecting you

Guess Who?


it’s ur Dog!

Last Thoughts

Come on in, take a look, and enjoy yourself! I will write more Funny Bengali jokes on this website if you encourage me to like these Bengali funny Sms in the comments section.


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