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Have a Good Night

Wishing someone Have a Good Night will offer you peace at bedtime, so dedicate these awesome night phrases to the people you really care about.

Have a Good Night Quotes

When I wish you a gorgeous and beautiful night, it means you’re my last thought before bed, to make sure you’ve got sweet dreams. No matter how difficult my day has been, because I will always end it by your side, and you are the reason for my happiness and my peace. Have a Sweet Dream…


Happy night, see you in my dreams.

There is only one thing better than dreaming about you, and it is being with you.

Follow the voice of God so you can make your dreams come true.

Happy dreams, my love, may your dreams be greater than your fears.

I hope the night gives you many good dreams, so that in the day you can make them come true.

I want to ask you that before you sleep, you look at the sky, we will be looking at the same stars. Then close your eyes and feel the kisses that I will send you.


Looking at the same sea of ​​stars and I’m only looking for you.

Dreaming only to not forget that is what it means for me to love you.

I just want to wish you a happy night to remind you that you are always in my heart, happy night honey.

Telling you “have a nice night” is a very nice way to say, I was thinking about you all day.

I want to wish you a beautiful night because tonight is as beautiful as your smile that illuminates me every morning.


Wishing you a happy night is little since you make me happy every day.

May your prayers are fulfilled and your blessings multiply. good night.

And coloring Colorado one more day is over. God bless you.

When you are about to rest, do not forget that I am always thinking of you.

I like the night, since in the dark we can believe in the light, and I believe that you are the light of my life.

And it doesn’t matter how much distance we separate as I feel you very close, have a beautiful night.

Every day I wait, the moment of sleeping just to dream about you.


To my favorite people, I wish you a wonderful desire for peace that fills your hearts by resting.

Every night I look at the sky and ask God to take care of you and to join us every day.

What I like most about sleeping is that I can dream about you.

Thank you my God for one more night, take care of all the people I love most and that everyone can have a good rest.

I hope that my feelings fly to you like flower petals and cover you on this night in which I want you to dream with me because I will always be with you.


A dusk is not the end of something but the hope of a new day that is coming, happy night.

Nice night, maybe and it looks like you’re sleeping alone tonight, but it’s not like that, since God accompanies us every moment.

Whenever there is a tomorrow the night will be to rest.

Every night I thank God for making us happy together, have a nice night.

Images of Good Night Phrases Love

An image speaks more than a thousand words, and technology allows us to express have a good night in a very special way, to the point that whoever receives the message can enjoy both the words and the image.

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Some Good Night Messages For Friends

We all deserve to receive a wish or have a good night from that person that makes us feel so special so do not stay with the desire, and send sweet dreams to your great friends, your girlfriend and send your most sincere thanks in this beautiful night. also, see the Wikipedia Reference of the word.

wish for a good night

The moon is so big, the night is always beautiful, but for me the best landscape will always be that of my pretty maiden. Have a nice rest.

The stars represent each angel that I have asked you to watch your dreams, you deserve to rest peacefully and recharge your energies for a wonderful sunrise.

Relax, today has been a difficult day, everything is not always as we wish, but tomorrow will be a new day and a new opportunity to achieve your dreams.

My greatest happiness when arriving home after the work day, is knowing that I will see your eyes and take your hands before going to sleep.

Every night we are together in my dreams, that’s why my dream able night message really means, see you in a moment.

Wishing you a happy night means nothing if the message does not reach your heart.

Have a beautiful night, God take care of your dreams and allow a deep rest so that tomorrow you have a very happy day.


The Goodnight’S Synonym For Love

It is very important for couples to wish each other good night, regardless of whether they are dating or if they live together since this simple but powerful habit demonstrates the love they have for each other and thus strengthens the relationship.

There is no distance that can erase you from my thoughts, especially at this time, when I prepare to sleep, and I realize how much I miss you.

Only God is witness to how much I think of you every night before bed, have a happy night my love.

I have spent a very special day by your side, and that is thanks to all your love and your love. Tomorrow we will meet again and spend another wonderful day.

You don’t know it yet, but before sleeping the thought that gives me the greatest happiness is to imagine old people together. Kisses and beautiful night, Love.

I wish you have a nice night, enjoy the peace and quiet of your room, and tomorrow will be a wonderful day, because we will see each other again.

Every day I sent you awesome night wish not by habit but because I want you to know that I love you.

At this time I like to reflect on my day, and in each reflection you are inevitably included to fill me with peace and tranquility, beautiful night my love.

Every night I ask God not to let the nightmares come to me, on the contrary, to appear in every dream to sleep happily.


My greatest wish is that you dream of me, you feel so happy that you soon decide to turn those dreams into reality. happy night Love.

Many nights I spend thinking about you, have sweet dreams.

Best Good Night Thoughts For Friend And Family

Among the group of friends, there will surely be friends who are almost like sisters to you, it is natural that you wish you good morning images for friends, night, especially if an important event is coming or if the day lived has been the best. Improve your relationship by expressing your most sincere words to that special friend.

Today we have had the best friend of mine, it is strange how the best moments are always by your side, may you rest and may God continue to bless you.

May this be a night of complete rest, you can relax and have sweet dreams, so tomorrow you will be full of energy to start your day.

Friend, today has been nothing normal.. relax with a delicious bath and the bed, you will see that a night’s sleep will be your best option.

Tomorrow will be a new day, today is over. Give your prayers to God who will bless you with a deep and restorative rest.


Thank you for taking some time to share with me, it has been a night like few others. I wish you a happy night, beautiful friend.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day, so tonight rest and sleep very well.

I hope I didn’t wake you up, but I wanted to be the last person to wish you a lovable night, my friend. Rest and sweet dreams.

That you sleep like an angel tonight, and may your dreams fill you with blessings and much happiness, because you are someone very special, my friend.


When you sleep, open your window and enjoy the best light you can receive in your room to protect yourself from bad dreams.

How To Say Good Night?

Words have power, and it’s that each one people wish to receive a prize or good wishes throughout their day, from dawn until dusk, from once we begin to figure or find ourselves resting.

It is no secret that when bedtime approaches, the main desire of most people is to get to bed relaxed to rest, and a delicious way to do it is to enjoy someone you love and do some activity together, you can Be watching a movie or having a snack together.

But if distance separates us, technology is our main ally to deliver our good wishes. let’s see what to say in the Quora.

When you dedicate a phrase to someone, try to make it express your feelings well, to radiate peace and serenity that are very necessary for a good rest, as well as to wish that God and therefore the angels watch their dreams.

Never underestimate the power of the words, as you dedicate good night text messages or in person. This will help to improve a relationship because that detail implies many valuable things, for example, you show that person that is important to you.

Good Night Sweet Dream Pikachu Song


Last Thoughts!

Before going to sleep, it is precisely the moment in which we dive into our own thoughts, and try to relax, this will always be a good time to send a moving message, and the way to not accompany it with the simplest phrases of the excellent night that come to you To the guts of your favorite people.

Thank you so much for visiting here and also support us, so let’s like and share these messages with your friends, family, and related someone to stay with us.


How do you wish someone a good night in Spanish?

* To wish someone have an honest night in Spanish, you say Que tengas buenas noches.

* But, in Spanish, you’ll actually want to wish they pass an honest night. For this, you say Que pases buenas noches.

* The formal version (for someone you don’t know well) uses the usted form, which is the polite form of “you”.

What is Have a good night in Spanish? and how to say it?

* In English “Have a good night” = “Buenas noches” in Spanish.
Buenas noches = Good night.

* Have a good night in Spanish is a good night saying Spanish language.

* More wishable saying phrase in spanish “Buenas tardes” = “Good afternoon”,“Hasta pronto” = “See you later”, and “Buenos días” = “Good morning

How to say have a good night in sign language?

* To say have a good night in sign language, “goodnight” is a compound of the signs GOOD and NIGHT.

* When you compound (join together) two signs you tend to reduce the movement and contacts of the original signs.

* This is American Sign Language: “goodnight”.

How do you say goodnight daddy in Spanish?

To say goodnight daddy in Spanish language you should use this phrase, Good Night Daddy = Bueno La noche Papi.

* Good = Bueno.

* Night = La noche.

* Daddy = Papi.

What is Spanish for goodnight?

* To say goodnight in Spanish, you most ordinarily would use the phrase “buenas noches” (boo-EHN-ahs noh-chays).

* Which accurately means “good nights.”

* But in Spanish, even as in English, there are other phrases you’ll use to greet people within the evening, counting on things.

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