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Love SMS English 2021

love sms english
Here is some best collection of love SMS in English language!
Friend is a friend in a friend,
Feel when they part
Sharif we were from childhood,
But what girls taught to break heart
So guys taught you how to break bones 
Our_dosti is not a Nirma_Powder,
Who uses first and then trusts,
Our friendship is L_I_C,
Even after “life” with “life”
Maybe get that luck again
Get those beautiful moments of life
Come sit again on the last bench of that class
Maybe get those old friends again
Friendship is not what gives life,
Friendship is not even that which makes smile,
Oh, that is true friendship ..
Who also recognizes a tear that has fallen in the water.
The friendship ties the couple to Anjano
Gives life a new mode at every step
True friend then
When he leaves his shadow.
Sudama asked Krishna
What is the real meaning of “friendship”?
Krishna laughed and said “where” means,
Where is friendship there!
Love and friendship are my two worlds,
But on friendship, my love is also sacrificed.
We recognize the lack of friends
We also know the sorrows of the world
With the help of friends like you
Even today we know to live by laughing
Do your luck writing a favor,
Let my friend’s fortune write me another smile,
They never get pain,
If you want, I write my life for his fate
There are different principles in our life,
We also have thorns for the sake of friendship,
You will laugh even on glass pieces,
If friends say these are flowers laid in friendship
There is no greater fief than friendship,
There is no better picture than this,
Friendship is a delicate thread of love
Even then there is no sure chain.
Why do friends support in difficulties
Why do friends divide gum
Neither relationship nor blood is tied to custom
Still friends give life
Some find happiness,
How many gums disappear,
This is why we send messages,
So that even if you do not meet,
your friendship is not reduced.
love sms in english for girlfriend

Love Sms English For Girlfriend

Friends, we will die after parting with you !!
Will continue to die even after death !!
And call you up too !!!
Then together you will beat Yamraj’s daughter
Some stars do not shine,
Some memories are not clogged,
And some people have such a relationship,
That even if they stay away, they do not smell
Neither girls had _Interest,
There was no emotion to study …
Just got 3-4 man
And capture Last Bench
Friend is friend in friendship,
Feel when friend is separated from friend ..!
Tata has “cars”
And I have no shortage of friends ..!
Good friend is like a flower
Which we cannot leave and cannot break,
It will wither if broken
And if left, someone else will take it!
Whenever we leave your world,
Will give so much happiness and belonging,
That whenever you remember this crazy friend,
Tears will come out from laughing eyes.
True friends never let us fall,
Neither in the eyes nor in anyone’s footsteps.
Not from the court of God,
Some angels fled,
Some of the fathers have gone,
And our friends have become something ..! #bestfriend
You will buy happiness by selling gum,
Will buy life by selling Khyabo,
The examination will be done, the world will see
You will buy your friendship by selling yourself ..
Remember the nano is settled
Remember if it works
I am used to remember you
Sorry if hiccups occur
Sure to put Wi-Fi near my grave,
Because my friends are so bastard ..
That in order to use Wi-Fi,
Will definitely come to me ..
Of course we got a little wait,
But we got the world’s best friend,
Tamanna is no more a paradise,
I found that love in your friendship.
love sms english for boyfriend

Love Sms English For Boyfriend

The good times are gone, and all that I am left to do is mourn
I’ve never felt this lost while the time passes by,
as it tells me of what all love I’ve lost just to make me cry.
I live in a world now, where i mean nothing to the people I meet
and to those whom I meant something, are far away in the sky
leaving me as nothing but a deadbeat.
Even these words I slept and woke up with, are no longer mine
these thoughts that I scribble, they think, are no longer divine.
even with my eyes closed, to me, all my regrets and and guilts are exposed.
“I am wrong, I am wrong”, this is all
I’ve known about me, all lifelong.
And these things ain’t ever going to change
so as long, as long, you, my beloved are gone.
Life is like a railway station,
love is a train that comes and goes,
But the friend is the inquiry counter who always says May I Help You!
We are not friends who break friends for money 
We are the ones who break the enemy for friendship.
Dude of course be one but so be it 
Who understand more silence than alpha
Neither you go away nor we go away,
They will share their share of friendship.
In your friendship, there will be storm in life,
I will decorate my heart in your friendship
If your friendship is full of life,
So we will leave death behind in friendship. 
Friendship is not a pain, but a gift of happiness,
Someone’s own life is with you,
This is a beautiful feeling of hearts,
Due to which, all this work is illuminated
When friendship is true and strong,
So he doesn’t have to show it,
No matter how far the friend goes,
It does not have to be brought near.
There is a storm, your friendship is your friendship,
My life is a journey, my destination is your friendship,
I will get heaven after death
If your life lasts, your friendship will remain #friend
love sms for wife

Love Sms English For Wife

He has given ‘Tara’ by breaking from the sky.
Alam e lonai has given a sharra.
My ‘luck’ also ‘naz’ on me.
God has given ‘friend’ so much love.
Our problem is like zero in mathematics,
They increase the value of the person you live with ..!
I like to be friends with crazy people,
Because no one seems to be in trouble!
A friend is proud of your friendship,
Request to meet all the time,
We do not know the housemates say,
We talk to you even in your sleep.
It will be dark somewhere
My happiness will be in your name
Look for something … friend …
Laughter on the lips and on the palm will be my life
See your friendship is true,
Just look at me and come to me,
Gold never changes its color,
Watch the fire as often as you like
Hey friend whenever you will be sad
I will be around you,
Whenever you remember me from the depths of my heart,
You will feel close to us.
Have to request God,
No friendship should be found other than your friendship,
Friends like you in every birth,
Or never get life again
God blends friendship with friend,
Made a friendship relationship for friends
But it is said that friendship will continue,
One who cherishes friendship wholeheartedly.
If it is day then it will be night also
Don’t be sad, never mind
Have befriended with so much love,
If life continues, we will also meet.
Join the prayers like this,
The way flowers have fragrance,
God bless you so much in life
The way rain falls on the earth

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