Best Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Reviews 2021

Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device is exactly what you need if you have been fighting a relentless battle against your hair for years. Precisely, with the IPL Flash ’n’ go Lux epilator from Silk’n, you can try this wonderful experience at home and avoid spending a large amount of money in an institute.

Silk’n infinity hair removal device has a lot to offer and it may well be what you are looking for to win the battle against hair. So we will tell you everything we know about this IPL epilator so that you can see it a little more clearly to make the best choice.

These Silk’n Flash & Go Lux is also approved by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons, who recommend it for safe hair removal at home and exceptional results.

Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Reviews

silk'n infinity hair removal device reviews
silkn infinity hair removal device reviews

In addition to being recommended by health professionals, the Silk’n Flash & Go Lux 5000 is a reliable product, authorized by the FDA or American Administration of foodstuffs and medicines.

Thanks to its patented technology, its precision lamp, and its purple flash, it makes you enjoy the clinical advantages of pulsed light safely. A real luxury to enjoy quietly at home.

Quick processing

Silk’n flash & go infinity hair removal device is accompanied by a reserve of two cartridges (5000 pulses). Consult its user manual to find out how to handle it ideally.

Thanks to its quick processing Tutorial, discover how to get rid of your hairs even faster.

With the high repetition rate of impulses it offers, it will depilate your body in 30 to 40 minutes (a guaranteed duration for the epilation of the legs in women for example, and the torso in men).

However, according to the manufacturers, Silk’n Flash & Go Lux offers variable results depending on the person, in particular, according to the frequency of use and the type of skin.

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Detailed Information of Silk’n Flash & Go Device

Silk’n Infinity Permanent Hair Removal device for Men and Women
Silk’n Infinity Permanent Hair Removal device for Men and Women

Regarding the Flash ’n’ Go Lux from Silk’n, we can say that it is solid although some people have encountered failure problems with it.

Fortunately, these are isolated cases, because the brand guarantees good quality epilators and it is easy to take this model in hand. Also, you can count on it to rid your body of 90% of unwanted hair if the phototype index of your skin is between I and V.

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The epilation window of the Flash ’n’ go Lux epilator by Silk’n has a surface area of ​​4 cm². This surface is completely correct and saves time during hair removal, it is sufficient for all areas of the body to be treated.

Also, the device is supplied with a window for a face with a surface of 2.5 cm² to facilitate hair removal in delicate areas. The brand guarantees painless and rapid hair removal using pulsed light and the heads supplied with the device will only make your job easier. In short, on this site, you don’t have to worry!

Pros & Cons of Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device

  • These Device Include Safety features
  • Affordable Price, compared to other similar devices
  • Very low pain
  • Integrated UV filter
  • FDA-approved and recommended by dermatologists
  • Clinically tested with up to 46% hair reduction after 6 months of the last treatment
  • ×2 faster treatments than previous Silk’n models
  • Skin tone sensor
  • Very Easy to use
  • No dark skin or light hair
  • Additional cartridges needed
  • Powerful (use caution!)
  • Doesn’t support cordless use
  • Takes a lot of patience and time

Which Type Skin Should Use This Device?

Which Type Skin Should Use Silkn Infinity Hair Removal Device
Which Type Skin Should Use Silkn Infinity Hair Removal Device

These Silk’n flash & go infinity hair removal device you can count on the Flash ’n’ go Lux epilator from Silk’n to depilate your face, armpits, torso, back, arms, legs, and also the bikini line, either semi-permanently or permanently, depending on your skin type.

That said, it should be noted that this epilator is recommended for people with skin whose photo type is between I and V.

The brand ensures that you will not feel any pain when using the device and the people who have opted for the device confirm this. Likewise, with it, you can permanently get rid of at least 90% of your hair. However, some people arrived to be permanently shaved after a few sessions.

The Flash ’n’ go Lux from Silk’n has a bulb that can deliver 5000 flashes and another bulb specifically dedicated to the face that provides 1000 flashes. The two bulbs are not rechargeable, but the flashes they deliver are enough to get rid of the hairs that bother you.

Anyway, this device delivers a flash every 3.5 MS and always in the same intensity of 4 joules / cm², it is the ideal intensity for all. Regarding autonomy, you will not have to worry about this either, because the Flash ’n’ go Lux epilator from Silk’n is a wired device, but despite that, its ergonomic shape makes it very easy to handle.

As you already know, the Flash ’n’ go Lux epilator from Silk’n can depilate skin types between I and V. Besides, it can detect the skin type to avoid serious accidents related to pulsed light, and a special head for facial hair removal is delivered with it.

Who is Silk’n Flash & Go Lux for?

Who is Silk’n Flash & Go Lux for
Who is Silk’n Flash & Go Lux for

The IPL Silk’n Flash & Go Lux epilator is made for men and women looking for a device intended for home use, ensuring easy, fast, and efficient use.

Whether you have used another pulsed light epilator at home or not, this model guarantees an experience where speed, comfort, and ease are in the spotlight.

It is also made for you if you are looking for a powerful device, however simple to handle. If you want to depilate both your body and your face, it will completely meet these main needs.

And in terms of safety, it will suit you if you are looking for the best because it is recommended by doctors and its benefits are clinically proven.

Safe or Danger

To further increase the level of safety, the new product in the Silk’n range, the Silk’n flash & go infinity hair removal device, introduces an intelligent skin sensor that detects whether your skin tone can be treated without danger.

It is only if your skin tone is within the authorized range that hair removal using a pulsed light lamp can be performed.

Safety With Silk’n Flash & Go

Safety is a priority with the Silk’n flash & go infinity hair removal device technology offers maximum security with a minimum level of energy.

Hair removal using Home Pulsed Light ™ technology provides permanent results with less power intensity compared to other photo epilation methods.

The low energy used by Silk’n Flash & Go reduces the likelihood of injury or complications and contributes to your general safety.

Our Balance Sheet

With its original design, its 2-year warranty, its efficiency on skin types I to V, and its automatic detection of skin color, the Flash & Go Lux pulsed light epilator by Silk’n is a device rather interesting.

The technology of our Silk’n Flash & Go is the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA. So skip the expensive office or salon hair removal procedure and try ours at-home treatment for smooth, soft skin.


Hey guys, we hope you will know everything about these silk’n infinity hair removal devices, So the decision is yours should you buy these or not, If you have any questions please let us know in the comment section.

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