Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair or on Your Body and Skin?

Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair or on your body? If you want to know them, please read this article carefully.

Bed bugs supply blood from the blood of less hairy-skinned mammals. In that case, the human body is a suitable place for them. However, they cannot live in your hair because the hairline makes it harder for them to reach the skin and bite.

bed bugs
Bed Bugs

And they can’t feed themselves without bites. Also, the temperature of the human head makes the place unsuitable for their survival. Bed If you want to know some more interesting things about bed bugs, keep reading.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Hair?

Bedbugs don’t like heat, Kells says. So, they don’t stick to hair or skin like lice or ticks and prefer not to stay in our clothes with our body heat. Bedbugs are more likely to travel in backpacks, luggage, shoes, and other items that are further removed from our bodies. below is everything about bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Hair

The human head is never a potential place for bed bugs as a habitat. Hairy places make the place unsuitable for them because they prefer to stay in a cool place. Even if they are not there, they will bite your hair or head.

  1. The main symptom of your hair bed bug is small itching marks near the hairline or forehead area.
  2. You may also feel a little annoyed at times due to the bite but in most cases, the human body does not feel the bite coming from the bed.
  3. However, if you feel severe bites or feel some pain in your head, it is probably not bed bugs but they can be like other insects like lice or ticks.

Why don’t bed bugs stay in your hair?

Bed bugs prefer bare skin for feeding and this is the main reason why your hair does not survive. Hair on the skin or heavy proliferation causes problems in biting their skin. In addition, they produce more heat and so they search for a cooler place to live.

Difficulty feeding

Your hair creates a barrier in the way it bites your skin, which ultimately makes it more difficult for the beds to feed it. For this kind of inconvenience, bed bugs do not like to hang near your hair or head. Not just the head, they do not like any hairy part of the human body.

They like to bite on bare skin for feeding. However, when you are bald, they can fancy the head for feeding because there seems to be no difficulty.

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Choose cool places to survive

Bed bugs produce a lot of heat from their bodies and they try to find a cool place immediately after feeding. In that case, your hair is never a preferred option. The human head produces heat, which makes it difficult for these insects to survive for long periods of time.

They are even 3 times larger than their original size after feeding; So in that situation, they need a great place.

Noncrawling legs

Unlike other flying insects that are stuck in the hair, bed bugs do not have legs. Okay, they can still crawl and climb on your skin but not stick to your hair. This is another big reason for not being there for a long time.

Eggs are not sticky enough

You won’t even get eggs in your hair because the bed bugs don’t stick to the eggs. Not really non-sticky, but the glue isn’t enough to stick to the hair.

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How to save bed bugs from living in your hair

life cycle of bed bugs
life cycle of bed bugs

Bed bugs don’t really stay in your hair, but if you notice symptoms of these insects in your head, you should prevent them. Bump your head and damage the possibility of bed bugs in your head.

Getting bald

If you notice signs of bed bugs or any such insects around your head or hairline, you can shave the whole head to get rid of them. But only those shaved beds will make them a suitable place for bugs because they prefer bare skin.

Using shampoo or alcohol

You can use shampoo or alcohol on your hair to get rid of these pests. The following sections discuss how to use them and how much product you should use.

Infected hairpieces are being removed

You can remove a few hair follicles near the small red marks to prevent bed bugs from feeding into your hair again.

Heat treatment

You can instead take a steam bath at a temperature of about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature is enough to kill bed bugs and their eggs on any part of your body.

Use products to get rid of bed bugs in your hair

You can use shampoo and lotion to kill these insects, or alcohol to kill them.

Using shampoo

Use Artnaturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set your hair normally and leave it on for a few minutes. After that, wash the hair with mild warm water. Then take a comb with closed teeth and use it on top of the hair. This will remove both bed bugs and their eggs.

Use lotion

The formula here is like using shampoo. After work, you can keep the skin soft and smooth by using Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus IR 3535 Insect Contaminant Moisturizing Lotion.

Rubbing alcohol

Use Dr. Fred Summit Arthritis and Sport Rubbing Mix the procedure with your normal shampoo and follow the same procedure as using the shampoo. After keeping for a few minutes, wash your hair with warm water. Use a comb to remove the beds from your hair.

Where bed bugs bite on the human body?

There are no specific areas in your body where bed bugs like to bite because they bite any exposed part of the body. However, there are some common parts where most of them bite.

Mouth: You have less hair on your face and if you don’t have a beard, beds can bite into it while you sleep.

Neck: If the neck is exposed during your sleep, bed bugs will like to feed them there.

Shoulder: The same statement goes to the shoulder.

Hands: It stays open most of the time and is easier to bite by hand in bed bugs.

Legs: Legs exposed to bed bug bites are a great part of the human body.

Where bed bugs usually hide

Bed bugs usually come in contact with a living body or especially a human body when they need to be fed. They like the night for this. So these are hidden in your room, especially in your bedroom until the sun goes down. You can find these in mattresses, bed frames, or box fountains.

Also, some pillow-stained pillows, like cushioned couches, are favorable to them. They are also found behind wall arts, hanging electronics, tables or chairs, etc.

How will bed bugs travel with you?

Bed bugs do not have wings to move from one place to another. But still, they travel with you. The bed bug travel medium uses your clothing, luggage, or other items that don’t seem to give off too much heat. However, they do not use the human body for this.

How to prevent bed bugs from your home

You can keep bed bugs away or keep them from your home by making things unsuitable for their living and cleaning them frequently. You can remove bugs through the process of frequent spraying and cleaning.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean small areas of your home.
  • Wash the mattress regularly.
  • Check the cushioned furniture and if there is any bed bug spray it has marks.
  • You can use hot water to clean the bedding in your bedroom.
  • Another good way to prevent these pests is to use protective covers on their favorite things to hide hidden spots.


Although bed bugs are not dangerous insects, you should keep them away from your home and skin. And one thing you don’t need to worry about is that they never stay on people’s hair.

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