Moroccan Oil Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner Reviews 2021

The Moroccan oil Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner is the best product to make your hair curly. So let’s read the honest reviews below.

I prefer the low-maintenance curls that give the most impact. Also, I prefer low maintenance measures that provide maximum results and volume! I was recently invited to the Moroccanoil Curly collection, and I was thrilled.

And I’m not unfamiliar with the original Holy-gill, the Moroccanoil treatment won the award and it has been a staple in my hair health system for some time. So I was eager to test the whole curly line! Also, read The Best Shampoo for Asian Hair in 2021.

Moroccan oil Curl Enhancing Shampoos Hair Style
Moroccan oil Curl Enhancing Shampoos Hair Style

I like big, full-volume hair when it comes to my curls. I especially recommend shaping different layers to give my curls more volume. In the past, I’ve learned to refrain from using heavy oils for my hair because these tend to cause a lot of curly clamping (which admits, that’s not a bad thing!) And I need to weigh my curls.

With Moroccanoil’s Argan Oil, my thirsty curls are able to absorb moisture and important nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants – while staying free and relaxed. And more so when it comes to maintaining healthy hair!

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The Moroccanoil Curl Collection blends with argan oil throughout the entire product offer, which helps moisturize brittle, thirsty curls and gives you violently induced, healthy shiny curls without the fuss! Keep reading below to break down my collection and how I use each product.

Moroccan Oil Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner

Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Shampoo Review

Curl Enhancing Shampoo Review
The Curl Enhancing Shampoo

Moroccan Oil Curl Enhancing Shampoo is a creamy shampoo with argan oil that really got my scalp clean and removed buildup from my curls. I liked that it wasn’t a clean shampoo (a curly girl no-no), and it didn’t tear the feeling of my hair – my curls felt clean and moisturized.

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Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Conditioner

Curl enhancing conditioner
Curl enhancing conditioner

The curl enhancing conditioner didn’t ‘slip’ as much as I expected and my wide-toothed comb didn’t glide into my curls. However, what really fascinated me was how soft my hair felt after washing; It felt soft and smooth, like Batahar. A curly girl can’t ask for more!

Moroccanoil Curl Cleansing Conditioner

Curl Cleansing Conditioner
Curl Cleansing Conditioner

A unique one-step conditioner cleanser that makes your curls wash and conditioner: it’s just one step! Infected with tea tree oil (a key ingredient in the healthy scalp), sunflower oil, argan oil, and vegetable protein, this one-step cleansing conditioner amazed me with its ability to detach curls.

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I really like the unique foam-like consistency, the smell, and the incredible moisturizing it has. I used about 1 golf ball-sized portion to evenly cover and replenish my damp hair and made sure to massage my scalp with a wide-toothed comb by de-curling and gently adding water to it while working on my ends. I’ll be packing it for travel, as it reduces the products I need to pack!

Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream Review

Intense Curl Cream
Intense Curl Cream

This is a great land-in conditioner. A weighted curl product, it’s great for high porcine hair, for tamping on the flyway, and for clamping the ends of your curls. For low porosity hair (like mine) it can easily be a one-step styler resulting in large, fluffy, and defined coils that give me the desired second-day curly look.

My curls were lots shiny soft and defined. It amazingly puts layers on the edges, keeps them moisturized and driven, and also gives my curls a little stretch, which I appreciate.

Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream Review

Curl Defined Cream
Curl Defined Cream

I have become a die-hard fan of this curl defining cream. It is lightweight, my curls work effortlessly and the smell is heavenly. Infused with argan oil and heat-activated technology, this product gives my curls a beautiful shine.

My curls are concerned with this product, healthy and stunning. Could go a little farther, and I was able to get a great even coat product with 5 pumps.

Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse

Curl Control Mousse
Curl Control Mousse

Creamy, silky, and argon oil curl control mousse, this is my top choice out of the whole line. I have always preferred mousse over hair gel and this product is so silky smooth. Unlike traditional tidal alcohol mice, this curls control mouse is moisturizing and leaving my curls incredibly soft and tactile as I define my coils and maintain their shape throughout the day. I absolutely love it!

Curl Enhancing Spray

Curl Enhancing Spray
Curl Enhancing Spray

It looks like no matter how tall the pineapple is, my curls still need some help at AM to revive them. Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Spray enlivens my curls and reactivates their bounce. I also found that tilting my head forward and scattering it at the roots gave my curls extra lift and volume; Bonus !! Green tea, argan oil, and aloe all contribute to excess moisture and radiance.

How I Use Moroccanoil Curl Method

Here is how I use Moroccanoil Curl Method in just 4 steps to look my hair more curly, enhancing, and awesome, So If you like this method then you can use it too.

Step 1:

In the shower, I am filling my curls to make sure they are wet. Using about a quarter of the size of the shampoo I focus on the crown of my scalp and the center of my scalp (ponytail spot). I work all the shampoo over my head, letting the suds go to my ends.

Wash off. Using about 2-3 golf ball size amounts of conditioner, I work the product evenly from root to tip, disassemble with a wide-tooth comb, and the finger ‘trains’ my curls to hold their shape. I then take my curls on the shower cap and let the conditioner come out until I am ready to come out and wash the conditioner one last time.

Step 2:

With wet hair drops, I divide my hair into 2 sections and gently cover my hair with 2 pumps of curl-defined cream in each section. I then split the 5th pump between my roots and the troubling part of my hair.

Step 3:

Applying the curl defining cream, I then take a dime-sized amount of Moroccanoil treatment and cover my strands, concentrating on the edges and at the very top of my roots. Next, I apply 2-3 pumps of Intensive Curly Cream to my ends and focus on the back section, especially my hair problems.

Step 4: Final Step

Finally, I apply the curl control mousse, using about 6 pumps it works on my roots and covers my curls from root to tip. I scrub the product repeatedly until my strands are evenly coated.

I then ‘flop’ my curls on the old t-shirt for 20-60 minutes, depending on how much time I have, and finish the diffusing session quickly if necessary. The result: beautiful, moisturized, and healthy shiny curls! I refresh my curls with re-energizing curls as needed and re-apply the treatment daily in the washing.

Have You Tried Moroccanoil Curl Collection?

Have you tried Moroccanoil Curly Collection? Did you know that one of them was? As a dedicated user of their treatment oil, I must say that I am absolutely fascinated with this collection. My curls are soft, defined and my hair gives me intense volume and definition! Click here to review the entire collection, including more tips, tricks, and their suggested Curl Regiment.

Or watch the YouTube videos here!


This post is not sponsored by someone else. All of the opinions, and reviews are my own and a true representation of my thoughts and feelings towards this product. If you have any questions about my review process or the products and brands I’ve chosen to work with, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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